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With the season kicking off this week and things hopefully back to normal for the golfing world I wanted to post what will happen if things change again. Hopefully we will have the next 23 weeks to watch golf and cheer on our picks. If the PGA tour cancels the rest of the season at any time the current standings will be the final standings. If we don't reach a certain segment we will reallocate that pay out to other prizes. If they pause the season again and then pick it back up we will do the same and pause the league and then restart once the tournaments start again with The Masters staying as the final tournament. Let me know if you have any questions. One other change that was made for this year that I noted back in my initial email in March is in regards to the alternate pick. This year if your first pick withdraws or is disqualified during the first round your alternate pick will be put in automatically.

League Commissioner: Tucker Starmer

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